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The most common cases I have been to court on involve reported thefts in which the insurance expert has made an ambiguous conclusion in their report, in which the last key used was a key of the proper type.

All this because of the insurance company’s reliance on forensic experts that can purportedly determine the last key used in a reported stolen vehicle! Instead, we find a bait and switch to make the reader of their report believe the last key used was the insured’s key. The conclusion in 99% of these reports from these firms nationwide, is that the vehicle was last driven with a key of the proper type. It is just assumed that the insured’s key was last used. That is not a fact! The fact is, these alleged forensic experts can’t tell us if the last key used was the everyday use key, the second key, a cloned key, a thief’s key! That is your bait and switch! The ignition analysis they perform in non-burned vehicles, just about anyone can do. Insert the insured supplied ignition key and rotate to start. If it functions normally, the vehicle was last driven with a key of the proper type! Auto theft expert for 28 years for the courts. Forensic analysis to determine how a reported stolen vehicle was last driven Auto theft-defense, plaintiff, criminal defense, prosecution expert witness.

In order to make the process appear “Scientific” to those who have no clue, a lighted magnified scope will be used to peer into the key way. There are no photos for the tool marks they claim to see or not see.

Ignition Lock Internal Components

Most are not aware, but I will explain what the common key riding edge known as a “land”  area looks like. Wafers (tumblers) are subjected to debris. Lock lubricant, pocket lint, dust, dirt and other things.  Commonly to see inside the key way, the inside has to be cleaned out.  Many times WD-40 is sprayed inside, which is about the worst thing one can use. It’s a penetrating oil! Now, it gets mixed with the debris and inserting the key can pt new marks on the lands! Plus it makes a mess! The scope offers only forward looking tunnel vision and about 75% of a forensic lock examination is missed! Of course, this sounds all specialized and scientific. It’s not! This type of so-called forensic examination only takes minutes and can’t rule out picking, tampering, the use of a newly cut key.It can rule out drilling, a process locksmiths use, not thieves!

Around 2010 is about the time the Certified forensic Locksmith got lazy and cut serious corners. It used to take hours removing, disassembling the ignition and examining these components and keys for identifiable matching marks under a microscope. 10x,20x and 30x magnifications were applied under a microscope. Photographs could be taken under the microscope. What the heck? No one in the jury knows any better anyway!

Many of these vehicles are recovered burned. If they can’t tell us exactly the last key used in theft recoveries that have no fire damage, how can they determine if the transponder anti theft was operating correctly when burned with less than half the evidence destroyed by fire?

Unless I am involved to assisting the attorney with the correct questions at deposition or in trial, these experts get a free pass in court! Why? They use a highly questionable forensic title and people are fascinated with forensics!

Was there any standardized scientific analysis performed on the vehicle? Of course not, but who would dare question a Certified Forensic Locksmith who has a vested interest in the outcome of the claim?

If as an attorney you have an auto theft denial case, give me a call and we can discuss it. I know the SIU investigation process! I have information on many who claim to be experts on this last key used cases.

I have a network of attorneys that I can put you in touch with for collaboration.

I have found in many instances where my client attorneys never handled such a case. I have done thousands over the last 24 years across the country. I have many attorney references.